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The problem

Our first set of customers are the "mom-and-pop" shops that dot many corners in Latin America and the rest of the developing world. Despite selling hundreds if not thousands of different products, most of these micro-retailers do not track their sales or expenses because they cannot afford a cash register or other point-of-sales tool. The most organized shopkeepers may record some transactions in a notebook and then laboriously transfer this information to a spreadsheet but they generally still do not have a clear idea about how to use this data to improve profits.

The end result is that most of these businesses do not know their break-even sales, cannot analyze an investment opportunity, nor optimize their purchasing decisions. All of these limitations combine to keep micro-retailers operating in a sub-optimal manner, reducing profits, limiting growth and making life more difficult for their suppliers.

The Solution

Our first product is a point-of-sale software application that allows micro-retailers to record all store expenses and revenues directly on a mobile phone or tablet; an external bar code reader connected to the phone via a wireless connection allows them to record transactions at the product level. In exchange micro-retailers gain access to financial reporting, personalized recommendations and additional value-added services.

All of our software applications run on Android smart phones or tablets that have touch screens and synchronize wirelessly with our Web servers.

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frogtek analytics

Frogtek Analytics

The Problem

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs) companies operate in the traditional chanel of emerging markets blindly, since they do not have high quality, timely, meaningfull information to based their decisions on. Available data are nothing but expensive but low quality extrapolations coming from manual audits that most of the time arrive late and are not actionable.

The Solution

Our servers in the cloud proccess millions of operations in real time coming from our panel of shops. Tailored algorithms clean and transform the information to provide high quality real time information. Our products are timely delivered and contain meaningfull information that can be used to take actions that will improve CPGs competitiveness and outcomes. From market share to new launches monitoring, from category level to SKU level, segmented by geography or price, all the data of the modern trade now available in the tradicional trade by subscription in the web.

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