• Frogtek helps the small shopkeepers in emerging markets to track and control their business. With our Tiendatek software, a tablet and a barcode scanner, they register transactions, get useful metrics and charge credit cards. Our data fuels a Marketing Analytics tool used by Consumer Packaged Goods companies (CPGS), who for the first time access this valuable information.

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  • Our product for Shops: Tiendatek

    Our first application is Tiendatek, a point-of-sale system for shopkeepers that helps them better manage their inventory and improve their profits. All of the information entered into the phone or tablet synchronizes wirelessly with our servers so that we can provide both shopkeepers and their suppliers with real-time reporting, analysis, and personalized services.

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  • Our shopkeeper customers

    There are around 800,000 shopkeepers in Mexico and more than 500,000 in Colombia. These small stores are run by micro entrepreneurs who usually don't have the education or tools to improve their businesses. As a result, they don't run their store to its full potential and their profits suffer.

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  • Our Business Intelligence product: Tiendatek Data

    Sales registered in our shops are aggregated in our cloud. Rapidly approaching 1 Million new tickets a month, our database fuels a customizable Marketing Analytics tool that can provide detailed answers to critical business questions. With Tiendatek Data you can now evaluate promotions and understand your competitive position, in full detail. We'll complete the picture very soon with surveys and a loyalty program for end-shoppers. Behavioral segmentation of shop customers will then be possible for the first time. The traditional channel is finally being illuminated.

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  • We are truly blessed because we have been recognized by multiple international awards:

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