June 4, 2011   Posted by: frogtek

>Wealth creation and Internet usage in emerging markets

>As you can see in The Economist’s chart below, a gargantuan amount of wealth will be added to the economies of the emerging markets in the next few years. China will be responsible for the largest growth but Russia, Brazil and India also make the global top 6. Further down the list, Mexico will be adding a very impressive $200bn by September 2013.

Breakneck growth in these economies is clearly drawing attention from the world’s economic actors. Many of the largest multinationals see it as their next big source of growth. For instance, Coca Cola’s 2020 Vision calls for a doubling of revenues by that year, which would mostly come from emerging markets.

This surge of wealth creation is caused in a large part by the rapidly swelling ranks of middle-class consumers, as they they work their way out of poverty. This unprecedented transformation is also happening at high speed, with tastes and consumption patterns shifting quickly.
For a snapshot, just see the chart below, which shows the increase in consumer internet traffic forecasted for 2015. Developed countries are speeding their guzzling by 3-4X from today’s high levels. Emerging countries are in turn jumping from very low levels by factors of 10-20X.

This means that the multinationals and local companies will increasingly find connected consumers and supply chains as they boost their presence in these hot economies. That connectivity will surely come from mobile computers and will provide the necessary information to guide the multi-billion investments.
We sure hope Frogtek’s products can play their part in this wonderful transformation.
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    >Muy interesante. La gran cuestión es la forma en que esta conectividad será aplcada. No hay duda de que el hardware, la nube y la radiofrecuenia estarán ahi. Es Frogtek una de las respuetas? Estoy seguro que si, es cosa de lograr aterrizarlo al día a día de quien puede beneficiarse se sus soluciones.